Stenomatic is an automated translation platform powered by AI

Everyone should be able to communicate with each other - no matter their native language. We've built Stenomatic to help people, businesses and organizations across the globe interact and open up to global audiences.

Connecting people
Stenomatic works with any conference platform. No setup required.
Easy to use
Stenomatic is tool agnostic and works with any event platform in any setting. We support online, hybrid and on-site events - no matter the size. All you need is an internet connection.
AI translation offers a cost-effective way to grow your business without sacrificing quality. Save resources on hiring local interpreters and operational costs.
“Stenomatic has been a great addition to our events, whilst maintaining our presence and communication globally in a virtual environment”

Sam Armstrong

Event Delivery Specialist, Informa Tech

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Stenomatic powers the events of industry-leading companies.
Get in touch and discover how we can transform your events and video calls.

We are giving back to the community

With the onset of the global pandemic, the situation has been drastically worse for Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. We decided to do something about it and developed a Chrome extension -

Ally makes any audio content on the web accessible by providing instant speech transcription on any video or audio, in 15+ languages.

When you decide to use Stenomatic, you automatically support our effort to make the internet more accessible to anyone - no matter their disability.

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