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Stenomatic delivers simultaneous conference translation without the hassle and cost of hiring local interpreters and expensive equipment.

Seamless part of your Conference

Translate your conference real-time, to any language.

Audio is generated in real time so you can listen to the transcript or translation. Stenomatic helps people with hearing impairment enjoy your events.

  • No App download
  • Simple setup
  • No additional hardware required
  • Works with any conference platform


Make your conferences truly accessible by adding live, quality interpretation to your event.

Provide voice-to-voice audio translation and live subtitles to your attendees in an in-person, hybrid, or virtual setting.

We do it all.  

  • No App download
  • Simple setup
  • No additional hardware required
  • Works with any conference platform
What's the difference?

Translation vs Interpretation

In the context of conferences, the terms "translation" and "interpretation" often get used interchangeably.

However, they are two distinct processes, each necessitating its unique tools and equipment.

Translation involves transforming written materials—such as conference papers, program schedules, or slides—from one language to another. This process typically requires a computer, translation software, and resources like dictionaries and reference materials to ensure contextual and accurate translation.

Interpretation, on the other hand, refers to the real-time verbal communication between conference participants who do not speak the same language. This process often requires specialized conference interpretation equipment like soundproof interpretation booths, interpreter consoles, and high-quality headsets and microphones for in-person interpretations.

Interpretation is usually performed in real-time during the conference, with the interpreter listening to a speaker's words and conveying their meaning accurately, often employing simultaneous interpretation techniques.

Conversely, translation work generally precedes the conference, with a more in-depth analysis of written content.

Despite these differences, both translation and interpretation play crucial roles in facilitating seamless communication at multilingual conferences.

While interpreters focus on verbal exchanges during live sessions, translators concentrate on written materials. Both roles require proficiency in at least two languages, a comprehensive understanding of the cultures involved, and the ability to adapt to different communication styles and contexts.

In contrast to expensive equipment setup and the cost of hiring human interpreters, Stenomatic is an AI language interpretation platform that operates using existing conference audio systems and standard internet-connected devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets.
Attendees could receive interpretations directly to their personal devices in real-time, eliminating the need for additional dedicated interpretation equipment. The software-based nature of Stenomatic makes it easily scalable and adaptable to the number of attendees, further improving cost-effectiveness.

AI-Powered Interpretation

Benefits of AI-Powered Conference Interpretation

AI-powered language interpretation can offer several benefits, including:

  • Faster and more accurate interpretation: AI algorithms can process language more quickly and accurately than humans. This can help reduce errors and improve the overall quality of interpretation.
  • Cost-effective: AI-powered language interpretation can be less expensive than hiring human interpreters. This can be particularly beneficial for organizations that require interpretation services on a regular basis.
  • Availability: AI-powered language interpretation can be available 24/7, making it more convenient for users who need interpretation services outside of regular business hours.
  • Consistency: AI-powered language interpretation can provide consistent interpretation services, as the algorithms are designed to follow a set of rules and guidelines consistently. This can help ensure that users receive the same level of service each time they use the system.
  • Customization: AI-powered language interpretation can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization or user. For example, the system can be trained to recognize industry-specific terminology or dialects.

Event Translation at Scale. Automated

Stenomatic is one of the leading simultaneous translation and live interpretation platforms.

Works with every Platform
Stenomatic works with any conference platform. No setup required.
Online or in-person
Our platform works in any setup. We support remote events as well as hybrid conferences in physical venues.
No App Download
Your audience does not need to download any apps to translate your conference.
Voice to Voice translation
Listen to the translated audio in real-time.
Accessible by default
Organize truly inclusive events that engage the Deaf / HoH communities with real-time subtitles.
Built-in branding features allow your sponsors to shine when it counts.

Industry jargon? No problem.

Build your own language-specific glossary of phrases specific to your industry.

For even more demanding use cases, we work with you to improve accuracy by importing industry-specific phrases.

Real-time Audio

Audio is generated in real-time so you can listen to the transcript or translation. Stenomatic helps people with hearing impairment enjoy and engage in your events.

  • Compliant with the Equality Act 2010 for hearing impaired
  • Focus on the presentation content without reading

Over 70 languages and dialects supported

Translate your live content to multiple languages.

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